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Symphony for Wind Ensemble


I began the composition of my first symphony at a very low point in my life. As a result, I set out to compose a work about the things and people that bring the utmost joy to me. The first movement, “The Mountains of Montana,” is a musical portrait of my adopted home, Western Montana. The themes represent a sunrise, a winter storm, the sound of birds, a river stream, and the closing sunset over the mountains.

The second movement is composed using a lullaby I wrote for my niece, Caroline. The movement is dark and tumultuous, and portrays the struggle I was experiencing at the conception of my symphony. In the midst of this darkness is the lullaby. It reminds me of Caroline, how much joy she brings to my family, and how she is always there to brighten my days.

The third and final movement is a tribute to my friends and family. The movement is composed with the recurring “Friendship Theme,” which is first stated in the low brass chorale in the introduction of the movement. It develops and recurs with the themes from the previous movements. The theme is present throughout, much like my friends. It makes me remember that no matter where I am and where I go, my friends and family are always with me. I am fortunate to have these people in my life, and I thank them. 

Instrumentation: Picc., 2 Fl., 2 Ob., 3 Cl., Bs. Cl., Cb. Cl., Bsn., Cbsn., Sop. Sx., 2 Alt. Sx., Ten. Sx., Bar. Sx., 3 Tpt., 4 Hn., 2 Tbn., Bs. Tbn., Euph., Tba., Dbl. Bs., Pno., Org. (Pipe Organ and or Keyboard Parts available), Timp., 4+ Perc.